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Who doesn’t love a delicious juicy apple? With over 7500 different types, 2500 in the United States alone, worldwide it remains not only one of the most common but also one of the most versatile foods today.

From a simple snack to creating a million different recipes apples have provided endless possibilities. They also provide great health benefits. An apple a day keeps the doctor away right!

Apples are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers. Not to mention antioxidants.



The baldwin apple is a bright red winter apple which was very popular for years in New England but largely fell out of existence after the red delicious apple became more popular.



The cortland apple is among the 15 most popular apples in the United States.  It was first introduced in 1915 by  the New York  State Agricultural Experiment Station.



Fuji apples have a dense flesh making them crisper and sweeter than many other types of apples.  In the 1930’s it was developed by Tohoku Research Center.



Gala apples have a mild and sweet flavour.  The gala has the highest production in the United States after recently surpassing the red delicious apple.

Golden Delicious


Closely related to the red delicious apple the golden delicious is also one of the 15 most popular types of apples.

Granny Smith


The granny smith apple originated in Australia in 1868.  It has a tart and acidic flavour but is great for baking as it remains firm when baked.



The honeycrisp apple is the official fruit of the state of Minnesota.  It was bred for taste and crispness.



The macintosh apple is the national apple of Canada. It was discovered by John MacIntosh on his farm in upper Canada in 1811.

Pink Lady


Pink lady (or cripps pink) was originally bred at the Western Australia Department of Agriculture by John Cripps.

Red Delicious


In 1880 the red delicious apple originated in Madison County, Iowa.  Among the 15 most popular apples the red delicious was #1 from 1968 until 2018 when it was surpassed the the gala apple.

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